What is Kammo?

Kammo Design is a one person small business from Finland. I, Krista Karjalainen, design and sew all the pieces of my collection myself in Kerava, southern Finland.




The name Kammo is a tribute to ancient Finnish beliefs. Kammo is a fairly little known character. Kristfrid Ganander who collected old Finnish folk poetry in 1700s writes in his book Mythologia Fennica that kammo is some kind of creepy ghost. "The spell of a rock" says kammo is the father of stones. Stones were used as charms in folk magic as they were believed to have magical powers. These powers varied depending on where the rock was from (river, forest e.g.). Particularly powerful were the “Snakes court stones”. Those were carried by the kings of snakes. They were round, white stones the size of a fingertip.


“Palueltin mös palio mwta / Kiuet, Cannot / Tädhet ia Cwta.”

Many things were served as well. Rocks, stumps, stars and the moon.

-Mikael Agricola, Dauidin Psalttari, 1551, catalogue of Finnish false gods.


Kammo is also associated with a character known as Syöjätär. It is pretty hard to translate. Literally it means a mistress who eats or maybe a devouress? (Please don't laugh at my great translations). She is some sort of evil primeval character who rules all rocks and gives birth to snakes and brings diseases. Martti Haavio (a researcher of Finnish folk poetry and mythology) in his book Suomalainen Mytologia (Finnish Mythology) explains how Syöjätär is connected to the myth of Lilith.


In modern Finnish language the word kammo describes a fear of something, e.g. a fear of spiders.


Slow fashion

Term ”slow fashion” describes Kammo’s work very well in my opinion. Kammo’s clothes are not about fashion. I am not fashionable and I don’t strive for it. I strive for personality and longlasting style that doesn’t change along fashion but stays appealing to it’s user as long as possible. Even though I call my assortment of clothes a collection I don’t do traditional spring/summer or fall/winter collections. Instead I let customer decide what they need, when they need it. I don’t release new clothes at certain times but instead reveal them one by one as they are created. Kammo’s clothes are far from mass production. They are carefully sewn one by one. Also I now excaclty where they are made.




Behind Kammo

I started my business to do what I love: my own clothes. I want to create my own visions including my values and work diversely. Every piece I design, make the pattern and sizes and sew. I plan working methods, search materials, do mockups and showpieces, take photos, edit them and download into social media on display. I have studied as a clothing seamstress and after finishing I continued studying and graduated as a seamstress journeyman. I also graduated as an entrepreneur before starting my first business, Kammo Design.


As clothing designer I am self-educated. Designing and sewing clothes has been my hobby as long as I remember. I draw my inspiration from themes I find fascinating such as medieval and other historical eras’ and modern gothic/metal/alternative cultures’ clothing, architecture and aesthetics in general and music.



Material info

Here you find information about all my materials (including fabrics, parts, packing, etc.) and how to take care of them.


Green values and ethicalness are important to me. I sew my garments myself in Finland and try to find ecological fabrics.

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