Recycled collection


These products are mainly produced of recycled materials. I want to take part in reducing waste from building up, which, in my part, means for example using fabrics that are left unused, using broken textiles or textiles that are for some other reason going to go to waste and making them into new products and reusing dissembled parts from used products. These are just few examples as textiles may be doomed to burning for various reasons. And I can save them by various ways!


The unknown origins of the material brings challenges to using recycled materials. I cleanse all textiles before sewing even if they look clean. It means more time and costs but I think it is necessary and I can give better advices on how to maintain the product. On every product there is a descriptiion of materials used to create it. As the availability of the recycled materials is limited, every piece is ready made.


I also make products according to wishes or made to measure, so if you have a wish, please contact me!

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New Neck ribbon with scarf

Lime green neck piece with silk scarf. Recycled materials.

Ready and available

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