Size chart




Size chart


__Size__  _ 34_   36_    _38_   _40   _42   _44   _46_  
Bust 80 84 88 92 96 100 104
Waist 60 64 68 72 76 80 84
Hip 84 88 92 96 100 104 108



Bust: Take the measurement horizontally from the widest part of your chest. Use your bra, if yout are going to wear them under the garment.

Waist: Take the measurement horizontally from the narrowest part of your waist.

Hip: Take the measurement horizontally from the widest part of your hips. This place is very often on the middle of your bum.


Notice that your underwear may affect the size and shape of yout body. So when you are taking measurements do not use shaping underwear, tight pantyhose or heavily padded bra unless you are planning on wearing them under the garment all times. Thin underwear such as top or leggings are ok during measuring but the less you wear the more accurate your measures will be. Take your measurement closest to your skin but do not squeeze.



Collar sizes

cm 34 34,5 35 35,5 36 36,5 37


38 38,5


Measure your neck circumference approximately at the height of your Adam’s apple or just below it. Take the measure so the measuring tape touches your skin all around but does not strangle you. The collar is not straight but curves down in front a little (about 1cm) so let the measuring tape also set a little higher in your neck.
Add about 2cm to your measurement and test it with the measuring tape. If you are sensitive and easily feel like strangling you may add 3cm. If you are not sensitive you may add only 1,5cm. This total is the size of your collar. Please note that the collar is not flexible! Choose the closest number from the chart as the length of your collar.



Gaiter/Leg warmer sizes

Size 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Calf 32,6 33,6 34,6


36,6 37,6 38,8
Ankle 20,7 21,0 21,3 21,6 21,9 22,2 22,7


Calf: measure your calf's circumference horizontally at the widest part.

Ankle: measure the circumference of the narrowest part of your ankle horizontally.


Choose the right size according to your calf measurement. Even if there would be loose space in your ankle, it is more important that the gaiter won't squeeze your calf.



Arm sizes

Size XS S M L XL
Hand 18,4 18,6 19,2 19,6 20,2
Wrist 15,2 15,8 16,4 17 18,8
Forearm 22,5 23,9 26,3 28,7 31,9


Hand: Take measurement from the top part of your palm, above "thumbpit". Try to keep your fingers relaxed as the measurement changes depending on hand position.
Wrist: The slimmest part of your wrist.
Forearm: The thickest part of your forearm, near elbow.



Ask for help

If you are hesitating, you can always ask for help to choose the correct size. I’m always glad to answer and do my best to help!




I want my garments to fit as many people as possible and that is why I offer an opportunity to custom my garments according to your measurements. For example if the hem or sleeve is too long or too short it is easy to alter it to fit. Some alternations may affect the price or right of withdrawal, but these are considered on occasion. Please contact me before ordering via email if you are interested in altering garments or if you are wondering if your wish is possible or not. Asking does not oblige you to place an order.


I also do custom orders from scratch. Please contact me and tell me about your idea and lets design!







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